You have entered da notebook dimension (I guess?)

Notebook Log Entry #1 - 4/6/2024 - 3:19 PM / 3:24 PM - MST

For now this part of the website looks lazily made, thats because it is, I also will have to fix some of the spaghetti code in the other pages as theres no comments, but I promise that in the future this page will get updated and will look better than this.

Notebook Log Entry #2 - 4/6/2024 - 3:25 PM / 3:30 PM - MST

Something I forgot to mention the other entry is that this page will mostly include small blogs or sneak peeks of whats coming up in the website in the future, anyways after that I'll probably stop talking so serious because this is too slow to type, now this'll probably be the last message for this day I hope.